YA Books That May or May Not Be YA

Harry Potter Books 5-7 by JK Rowling

Death, death, war, battle, death. Though considered the “quintessential British boarding school” novel, Potter broke records and ushered in the thunderstorm that we are now experiencing in children’s literature. Had it not been for Rowling and her phenom of a series there might have not been a Twilight or a Hunger Games.

The series concerns the coming of age of Harry Potter and his friends, and while he begins the series at the tender age of eleven, the latter books deal with situations and emotional journeys that can be appreciate by children of any age.

Starting with book five (Order of the Phoenix), Harry loses the only real father figure he’s ever known. After that, the losses are many and the atmosphere of the series elevates from one of sincere concern for this fictional savior to outright anxiety over who among our favorite characters will see themselves safely through that epic battle at Hogwarts. Potter isn’t simply for kids. It’s for us all.

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