24 January, 2022

10 Writing Rules Courtesy of a Few Literary Legends

The Customer isn’t always right. Sometimes the customer is an asshole.”

Kelly LinkKellylink1b

Not everyone is going to like your work. Sometimes, there may even been some rude commentary about the story you just bled and cried and formed into being with bits of your soul. Maybe your story isn’t for everyone. Maybe they wrote the review on the same day they’re puppy pissed in their favorite slippers. Maybe they didn’t get the freelance gig they wanted. Point being, if you hold out for universal approve you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Do you like your story? Did you give it everything you’ve got to make it the best possible story you could write? Did you send out to critique partners? Does it have heart? Then screw the “customers,” they are not always right.

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