10 Writing Rules Courtesy of a Few Literary Legends

Here’s what you’ll get a lot of when you “travel” in the same social circles writing rulesas other writers: advice. Some of it is invaluable. I have personal experience with this since I am blessed by the amazing critique group I’m in. Those folks, who I met whilst participating in an amazing Cat Rambo workshop, are a group of intelligent, experienced writers who seem to sell a story every other week. I value their advice. I appreciate their encouragement and support because I respect their talent and abilities.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Writers, particularly new writers who have little experience, focus on the business of writing rather than the craft. It’s a tight rope walk of quality over quantity. There are a lot of folks calling themselves writers who focus on getting their names out their, improving their “platform,” Tweeting and Facebooking everything from adorable furry children pictures to descriptions of the extra tall, double whipped soy latte they just guzzled down in the coffee shop before “writing.”

While the cat pics and details on what caffeine injection fueled their writing session are not important, sometimes the networking and platform building is. However, listening to writing advice from these folks might be a detriment. So I took to the experts, those fine folks whose works I’ve admired, whose careers I’d like to emulate. Here are just a few things they’ve said about writing, working and the responsibility of being a writer.

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