18 January, 2022

Writing in a Dandelion Future

From the Guardian UK:dandelion

According to Neil Gaiman, writers should be less mammalian. But can you build a literary career by casting your work into the wind?

The Guardian UK published a piece on the varying changes in publishing, prompted by their hosting of Neil Gaiman’s podcast on the site.  A combination of the podcast and the “the collaborative story, the haunting images of his friend Dave McKean” led the site to a discussion about the  “bleak assessment of the future for writers.”

Gaiman gave a “version of the speech he gave at the London Book Fair, outlining Cory Doctorow’s notion of the dandelion career. Now that the cost of distributing a piece of work is basically zero, Doctorow suggests writers should be more like dandelions. Instead of lavishing time and energy on each project, like a mammal nurturing its young, they should do many and various things and cast them into the wind, hoping some of them will find fertile ground.”

The piece is fascinating and we encourage you to check out the full post here.

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