Our good friend, writer Maxwell Cynn, posted tonight about a diagnosis his 21 year-old son received this week:

After a day full of tests Joshua was diagnosed on Tuesday evening with Acute T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He began chemotherapy on Wednesday and early Thursday morning his heart stopped, overwhelmed by the toxins created as the leukemia cells were destroyed by chemo. But the amazing doctors, nurses, and technicians in the intensive care unit brought him back.

It was the dramatic beginning of a very long week. Surprisingly, when the oncologist told us our son had leukemia I wasn’t shocked. Somehow, in my heart I already knew – even before the blood test. The nose bleed was the give-away. The extent of his disease did surprise me. The cancer has invaded every part of his body: from brain, to spleen, to liver, to lymph nodes, to a mass in his chest.

I knew the diagnosis was a life changer. I knew nothing would ever be the same and our lives would be consumed in helping our son fight the disease. But when Joshua’s heart stopped that morning my world crashed as well.

My son is twenty-one years old with three-and-a-half years of a 4.0 GPA toward a degree in philosophy. He is the most brilliant man I’ve ever met, and that isn’t a father talking. His peers and professors agree. His first question when told the course of chemo was, “How will I go to class?” His oncologist informed him he would not be returning to school.

Joshua was devastated as much, I think, that he would not be graduating this semester as he was by the prospect of facing the impending battle with leukemia. My life is now focused like a laser on my son. Writing, publishing, and promoting my books seems trivial and honestly irrelevant.


LitStackers, we are asking you to join us in helping this family out. Max has posted a donation link on his blog here. Please spread the word and join us in sending out positive thoughts and prayers to the Cynn family.

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