File this one under either “So Very Cool” or “Too Much Money,” but a Houston Harry Potter fan, Laura Marshall, has commissioned a 9-foot-tall house for her feline children.

The structure is modeled after The Burrow, the Weasley homestead in the Potter books. Wil Whitehouse of Whitehouse Wood Works built the structure from images Marshall found on the Internet.

After 300 hours of painstaking work, 16,000 hand-cut shingles, 144 roof rafters, 18 windows, 102 window panes and a gallon and a half of glue, Marshall got her fairytale cat house. She praised Whitehouse for his efforts saying, “Wil is not only a classically trained carpenter but he’s an artist and now this has just been way beyond our expectations. He’s added so much detail that has made it more of the Weasley house and more of the Burrow and just made it so much fun.”

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