Why It's Important to Never, Ever Give Up: Authors Who Were Repeatedly Rejected

Stephen King

If it hadn’t been for Stephen King’s wife, Tabitha, the iconic image of a young girl in a prom dress covered in pig’s blood would not exist. King received 30 rejections for his story of a tormented girl with telekinetic powers, and then he threw it in the trash. Tabitha fished it out. King sent his story around again and, eventually, Carrie was published. The novel became a classic in the horror genre and has enjoyed film and TV adaptations as well. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement from someone who believes in you.

King said, of rejection:

By the time I was fourteen … the nail in my wall would no longer support the weight of the rejection slips impaled upon it. I replaced the nail with a spike and kept on writing.


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7 thoughts on “Why It's Important to Never, Ever Give Up: Authors Who Were Repeatedly Rejected

  1. Fantastic post, Tee. Just what everyone needs to get inspired toward their 2012 goals!

  2. Yes, a timely post. I think James Lee Burke's Lost Get Back Boogie saw 111 rejections. I keep whining anyway and sending out some more.

  3. While speaking at writers' conferences, I hold up one of my novels, THE FOUR ARROWS FE-AS-KO. I tell them this book was sold on the 45th submission. And in the 20 years since that book came out, it has been filmed by Sullivan Entertainment as PROMISE THE MOON, is still in hardcover print, and has recently been released as an audio book. Then I ask, "What if I had given up at 44 rejections?"

  4. Great post, Tee! Very inspiring. Thanks. I especially love the L'Engle quote. I'm an optimist, too. About that museum — don't thgink I can go there. Not that it isn't important, so we never forget, but I'd lose sleep like forever.

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