20 September, 2021

Catherine Haustein

I tend to write all over my house, including the dining room table & in my bedroom but here is a photo of my official office. I have found that since the pandemic began, I wander around the house and write in different spots more than I did before. Zooming made me really restless about staying in one place. The one consistency is, I write at home. I try to go to a writing conference every few years for a fresh perspective, though. My goal right now is to finish Book Three of my series. I usually work on my writing projects in the mornings and evenings. I’m one of those write-every-day authors. I develop a framework for the first draft, then slowly put flesh on it. I’m a terrible speller and proof-reader and I write slowly, like uranium decaying.

In my WIP, I decided that a minor character–a Neanderthal stripper and male escort–was way more interesting than I’d planned in my first outline so I cut out a whole character and half of my draft to make room for him. I’m back to full length now and am going through my draft one more time. I tend to under-explain and I’m on the look out for this as I add the finishing touches.

2 thoughts on “Where Writers Work

  1. What a wonderful feature! I really enjoyed seeing all the different places where inspirations take place!

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