The National Literacy Trust has announced a plan for McDonald’s in the UK to replace the tiny toys in their Happy Meals with books. The aim is to deliver nine million popular children’s books with its Happy Meals, as part of a new partnership with publishing house HarperCollins. The promotion will only run through February 6 and aims to generate interest in reading among children.

From Wednesday 11 January to Tuesday 7 February 2012, McDonald’s will offer its Happy Meals customers copies of the much-loved Mudpuddle Farm series of books by Michael Morpurgo, former children’s laureate and War Horse author.

The announcement follows research released by the National Literacy Trust in December which revealed that almost four million children in Britain – one in three – do not own a book.”

Jonathan Douglas, director of The National Literacy Trust, said that the initiative was born from research the Trust conducted that found:

One in three children in this country don’t own a book, which is extremely concerning as there is a clear link between book ownership and children’s future success in life. We are very supportive of McDonald’s decision to give families access to popular books, as its size and scale will be a huge leap towards encouraging more families to read together.”

2 thoughts on “UK McDonald's Replacing Toys with Books”

  1. Generating an interest in reading amongst children is fantastic, but do we have to do it while poisoning them with fast food?

    Each Happy Meal should come with a brilliant children's book and a copy of The Fattening of America (FinkelStein & Zuckerman, 2008).

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