To Support Short Stories, Authors Join 'Tweetathon'

The Guardian is reporting that several high-profile authors joined the cause to protest BBC’s cut back on short story coverage. Authors including Joanne Harris, Neil Gaiman and Sarah Waters are teaming up to celebrate the appeal of the short story in a new campaign aimed at persuading the BBC not to cut back on its coverage of the literary form.

The BBC announced in July that it would reduce Radio 4’s short story output from three a week to one a week from next spring – a significant reduction from 2008, when five short stories were broadcast weekly. Following an outcry from prominent names including Stephen Fry and Joanna Lumley, and more than 5,000 people signing a petition protesting against the cuts, the corporation said it would keep a second short story slot. But supporters are continuing to campaign for no reduction to the current volume of output, and signatories to the petition now top 6,600.

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