Threading the Needle
Marie Bostwick
Kensington Books
ISBN 978-0-7582-3217-5

— ♦ —

Madelyn Baron’s husband, a wealthy finance mogul, has been arrested and jailed for his role in a Ponzi scheme. All their money and material possessions have been confiscated. Madelyn is left with nothing but a small inheritance and a run-down house left to her by the grandmother who raised and abused her as a child. She reluctantly returns to New Bern, Connecticut to start a new life. New Bern holds nothing for Madelyn but painful memories and heartbreak. Yet she has nowhere else to go.

Tessa Woodruff and her husband, Lee, left the corporate rat race and moved to New Bern, Tessa’s hometown, in search of a quieter life where they can start their own businesses. Lee runs a small farm, raising produce for local restaurants. Tessa grows herbs and makes fragrant lotions and soaps to sell in her shop, For the Love of Lavender.

As children, these two women were best friends – until Tessa betrayed and abandoned Madelyn’s friendship. The two have been out of touch until mid-life, when they both return to New Bern. It’s a small quaint New England village where everybody knows everyone. They can’t avoid each other. Can Madelyn forgive Tessa? Will they rekindle their friendship? Are people able to change? Threading the Needle, part of Marie Bostwick’s Cobbled Court series, examines the lives of Madelyn and Tessa and their group of friends who all belong to a quilting guild. They all struggle in different ways and for different reasons. But they stick by each other and support each other through good times and bad. It’s a story of friendship, forgiveness, and forging ahead against the odds.

While the writing would certainly benefit from some serious editing, the story itself is nonetheless pleasant. The characters are well-developed and the ending leaves the reader with a satisfied feeling of hope. Written from a Christian world-view, this novel will appeal to quilters and women who enjoy stories about love and friendship. Read more about Marie Bostwick and her books on her website.

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