The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten
Harrison Geiller
Night Shade Books
ISBN-10: 1597802840


To describe this book as a parody of Twilight does not do it justice. This is the story of a young girl named Bonnie who moves to the town of Lake Woebegotten when things in her hometown start to get a little tough. She uses the excuse that her mom is recently remarried but the truth is that she is trying to distance herself from misdeeds and evil intentions which had further reaching consequences than she wanted the police to realize. Bonnie is a sociopath. Readers discover right from the beginning that her intentions are never pure and that there is a simmering desire to hurt others that she can’t seem to control.

In walks Edwin, a young vampire who can’t seem to read her emotions and is the only single one in a family of vampires. They share a class together and he is first repulsed and then fascinated by her. A short time later they are together, a horrifying connection keeping them closely tied. A great deal of the Twilightstory is rewritten for this so most of the big reveals aren’t exactly shocking. The fact that they are taken from an entirely different angle, are no longer innocent and involve a girl who only wants to be a vampire so she can kill people, gives the story a humorous and often twisted telling of boy meets girl.

Even the peripheral characters are different and the sheen is off the undead and supernatural. This story is far more gritty and ugly and yet constantly a good time. I laughed enough while reading it that my family kept looking at me funny. The death scenes are sometimes gruesome but the story keeps you reading, waiting to see what Bonnie does next.

A high school story with a sociopath heroine, vampires and were-beings that keep the reader laughing and guessing at what craziness will happen next. This story is one of the funniest I’ve read in a long time.

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