New York Times contributor, David Orr, wrote an interesting piece on the successful rise and recent popularity of fantasy and the “chip on the spaulder” attitude still present in mentioning the genre. Of particular note, Orr discusses  the vaulting of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, that has been catapulted even further into the mainstream with HBO’s serial take, Game of Thrones. 

Despite the success of Martin and many other fantasy writers, critics have not seemed to listen to the masses and, as Orr says, these opinions reduce “hundreds of years of fantastical writing [to] 20-­sided dice, pencil nubs, half-filled Coke cans and the crushing realization that no, your elven rogue’s dagger is not going to be effective against green slime. ”

Check out Orr’s essay here.




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