26 September, 2022

The Return of Reading Rainbow?

According to Galleycat, former Reading Rainbow host, LeVar Burton is working on an updated version of the children’s classic. “Burton has raised funds for a follow-up to his beloved public television show, a series of smartphone and tablet enhanced eBooks for kids. His new company is called RRKidz.”

“Fifteen months after indicating to New York Times columnist David Pogue at a Macworld event that he was raising money for a start-up, actor LeVar Burton is fully focused on the twain of education and enhanced children’s e-books. He tells Venture Beat that his company RRKidz has got $3 million in seed funding and is compiling a library of 300 iPad and Smartphone titles, with roughly 50 of those to be voiced by Burton himself. The actor is partnered on the project with Buffalo’s WNED-TV, rights-holder to the 1983-2006 PBS series Reading Rainbow.”

2 thoughts on “The Return of Reading Rainbow?

  1. oooh…if he really wants to bring Reading Rainbow into the future, he should do it as Geordi La Forge this time. The nerds will agree…

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