Ten Books Every Woman Should Read

We’re pretty sure you’re tired of hearing about the election. We know, we know, but we wanted to remind you female LitStackers that Monday celebrated the first time, in 1872, Suffrage activist Susan B. Anthony cast her first ballot. Things didn’t end well for her on that day, but it was Anthony and the thousands of women and men who broke through glass ceilings to make the female vote possible. We thank the pioneers who came before us and made possible the potential for women of the future.

We also were interested in the books that nurture, not the “can do,” but the “will do,” drive that we hope will one day soon usher in the first female president in the United States. Here are some of our favorite of those important books, ones we think every woman should read.

What do you think, LitStackers? Do you agree with our choices? We want to hear from you!