26 January, 2022

Taylor Swift Cast in ‘The Giver’

File this one under “Hm. Really?”Taylor Swift

From The Huffington Post:

Taylor Swift is returning to the big screen with a part in the upcoming adaptation of “The Giver.” The 23-year-old singer, who previously appeared in the romantic-comedy “Valentine’s Day,” and played a bit role in the Fox series “New Girl,” has nabbed a supporting part in the film version of the celebrated 1993 novel.

Rumors that Swift would appear in the upcoming movie made the rounds last week, when Page Six reported that the singer had been introduced to one of the film’s actors, Brenton Thwaites, by Weinstein Co. boss, Harvey Weinstein.

It was also announced last week that Katie Holmes had also joined the cast of “The Giver,” which already includes Thwaites, Meryl Streep, and Jeff Bridges.

Penned by Lois Lowry, “The Giver” tells the story of a young boy named Jonas who is living in a utopian society. He is chosen to train as the Receiver of Memories for the society, learning from the community’s Giver. The film adaptation of “The Giver” will reportedly be directed by Phillip Noyce (“Salt”) and is scheduled to arrive in theaters in August 2014.


2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Cast in ‘The Giver’

  1. I don’t feel any particular way about it.

    I mean, I was wary when JT started acting, but turns out his pretty darn good at it.

    In short, I reserve judgement until I see how she does. Critique of previous roles not withstanding.

  2. This could be a bit of stunt casting, sure, but one only has to look at other singers-turned-actors to see that it can work. (Wil Smith, anyone?) The reality is, if she can actually act and emote and make us feel something for her character she’ll be fine. Also, it’s a supporting role. No guarantee most of her stuff won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

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