The first month of 2013 is nearly over, and if you’re an ambitious, still-emerging writer, you’re no doubt readying your submission calendar, preparing those drafts you’ve been toiling over to mail (or e-mail) out into the world. What’s that? You don’t have a tracking system in place? As it happens, Aaron Gilbreath does, and over at Tin House, he provides details on the ways and means of keeping those simultaneous submissions straight.

Gilbreath includes some helpful topics, such as what to expect when you send your work to a magazine or university journal. He also discusses his own experience as well as the fine points of his paper-based (rather than digital) system:

Most writers probably have their own unique method, or ‘odd method,’ depending on your perspective. For whatever reason, this austere paper system works better for me than others, which says more about how my mind works than it does about Excel spreadsheets. Maybe I’m projecting, but no matter your system, if you’re a submitter, two things are essential: order and efficiency.”

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