LitStaff Pick: The Books That Got Us Hooked Us on Reading

There’s nothing quite like that first book. You know the one. It holds booka distinct place in your memory because that first book is the one that made you love reading.

You realized, when you turned the very last page, that the utter disappointment you felt didn’t come from an unsatisfying conclusion or the characters that “didn’t get theirs.” That well of sadness came from the knowledge that the book had ended, the resolutions had been made and you could never again read that very remarkable book again for the first time.

But that first great book started you on a path, one that, if you’re lucky, continues today.

This week’s pick is all about those first books, the ones that made us realize what a joy and gift reading can be. These are the books that got us hooked on reading.

What are yours, LitStackers? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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