28 September, 2022

LitStack Rec: Pictorial Cooking

Cooking Comically –cooking
Recipes So Easy You’ll Actually Make Them
Tyler Capps

So, it’s the time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn towards good eatin’, and when many of us feel the urge to be especially domestic – as in, fully embracing the culinary arts.  But what do you do when you’re as inept in the kitchen as I am, both skill-wise and taste-wise (honestly, I have probably one of the least discerning palates known to mankind)?

Why, you say “to heck with it” and instead of worrying if your creations are restaurant-worthy, you just have fun!  And that’s easy to do with a new cookbook by Tyler Capps, spawned by his wildly popular website, ComicallyCooking.com.  While yes, you could get these recipes off the interwebs, it’s ever so much more fun to prop THIS puppy up on your kitchen counter and chortle along with the comments and illustrations as you make Cheddar Boss Biscuits, 2 AM Chili, Damn Dirty Ape Bread, or my favorite – Sexy Pancakes.

Capps’ manic energy in this cookbook really does make cooking fun, and he takes the fear out of trying something new because he makes so much pre-emptive fun of himself and his own techniques, kind of like a comrade in arms.  AND he gives you permission to laugh and be as loud as much as you want in order to OWN that recipe, girl- (or boy-) friend!

Hint:  This would make a wonderful gift if you have any timid cooks on your Christmas list!

Sharon Browning