22 October, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Our Yearly Re-Reads

Bram Stoker

Twilight extinguished the love of great vampire fiction. No, Myer didn’t single-handedly squash the genre, but she certainly made reading vampire stories a bit more difficult. The market got saturated, and it seemed like everywhere you looked there was yet another vampire novel coming out.

Still, every year, particularly around Halloween, I like to grab my very well used copy of Dracula and remember what it was like to read a great vampire story. Stoker’s classic isn’t about sparkling undead, 110 year old virgins and the clumsy girls they love. It’s about power and manipulation and the abject fear invoked by the unknown.

When I want to be frightened and reminded of a great, classic villain, it’s Dracula I pick up. I’m pretty sure Dear Vlad would approve of Stoker. And I don’t think he’d much appreciate the “infinitesimal” amount of fangirl love.

-TS Tate


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