File this one under “Daddy’s Gonna Have a Great Christmas.” The Huffington Post is reporting on a purchase that George Toman made in the late ’60s. Toman snatched up a copy of Amazing Fantasy comic book for ten cents. Today, it’s estimated value is well over $10,000. While cleaning out his attic, he rediscovered his box of comics and was “in disbelief when the owners of Chimera’s Comics, located in downtown La Grange, told him what it was worth.”

Toman said, “It was quite a surprise. I was in disbelief.”

He wasn’t the only one.

“People bring in comic books all the time,” said Carmelo Chimera, owner of Chimera’s Comics. “Rarely do we get to give someone as good of news as that.”

According to THP: Chimera and Brown say that “last year a mint-condition copy of the same comic sold at auction for $1.2 million. Toman’s comic isn’t worth nearly that much — the store has it currently priced at $12,000 — due to its condition. After all, the book was stored in an attic without plastic or cardboard backing for over 40 years.”

Check out the full post here.

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