The Shadows of ‘Hamlet’ in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Dr. Opheliatara

For centuries, scholars have debated the nature of Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship. Was is simple companionship? Were they lovers? Was Hamlet’s affection for her only brotherly? Whatever their connection, when Hamlet rejects Ophelia and then murders her father, she goes mad before committing suicide.

Tara Knowles, Jax’s “old lady” (yes, that term is still used), is not very similar to Ophelia. She and Jax have loved each other since they were kids in high school. After a fruitless effort to convince Jax to leave Charming with her, Tara returns to town ten years later as a pediatric surgeon. When Jax’s son is born addicted to drugs because of his mother’s severe substance problem, it is Tara who steps in professionally and personally to handle his care.

Over the course of the series, Tara, like Ophelia, goes through a significant change. She doesn’t go mad, but she does go mad for her man. She lies to her bosses at the hospital. She becomes violent when necessary and breaks the law to accommodate the club’s needs and agendas.

While Hamlet and Ophelia did not have a happy ending, there may be, at some time in the future, a hope for Jax and Tara.



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