The Shadows of ‘Hamlet’ in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Gemma, Gertrude of SAMCROGemmaTellerMorrow

Despite her deviousness, her cunning and cruelty, Gemma is a matriarch who loves her family. SAMCRO is her family and she will do absolutely anything to see that they are intact and protected. Unlike Gertrude, Gemma isn’t willing to let the men folk handle the dirty work, but both characters exemplify the cruel natures of women driven by their passions and their own selfish desires.

Both women love their sons immensely and both are willing to manipulate those sons for what they believe is best for them. This means that hearts get broken, lives get destroyed and lies are handed out like balloon animals at a circus. These women are cruel and they explain away that cruelty as simple motherly affection.

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