The Shadows of ‘Hamlet’ in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Jax Teller aka Prince Hamletjax

Protagonist Jax, initially, comes off as a very uncomplicated character. He loves his family, his brothers, his town and yes, he seems like a bit of a mama’s boy. He also loves his high school sweetheart, Tara. But when the series begins, he’s soon to be a new father, something he doesn’t seem altogether thrilled about. But once he finds his father’s manifesto, the direction of his life and his desires for the club shifts.

Then, Jax becomes quite the complicated character.

Hamlet’s decent into madness stems from his father’s death and the quick reversal of feelings in his mother and her subsequent marriage to her brother in law. While Jax Teller isn’t driven into madness (not yet at least), he does experience a change in demeanor and agenda. His father’s book gives him cause to rethink what he thought he wanted out of SAMCRO. This in turn complicates his relationship with his mother, his brothers and certainly his step father.

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