Celebrating Black History Month: Sleepless Nights by Norwood Holland

Cover of Sleepless Nights by Norwood HollandSleepless Nights
Norwood Holland
Windmill Books Ltd.

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Drew Smith has it all. By day, he’s a well-known Washington D.C. lawyer with a big house, a nice car, and an adventurist lifestyle. By night, his interest in ‘exotic dancers’ often leads to many club visits and passionate bedroom experiences.

Unfortunately, danger – internal or external – especially seeks out those who have it all.

Everything officially hits the fan when Farragut, a popular club, is robbed and three workers are mercilessly killed. First Drew’s main concern is representing Theo, the owner, in an effort to prove that Theo was not behind the robbery and murders. Then, as more about the robbery is revealed, he finds himself forced to represent Gee – a studious college student terrified to share his involvement in the Farragut case. Not only that, but Gee is Nina’s son, and Nina happens to be the one woman that broke Drew’s heart many years ago. Though Drew gets along perfectly well with Gee and respects the successful man Gee is growing into, representing him still leaves a bad taste.

Speaking of women and broken hearts, Drew’s problems go way beyond professional matters. His obsession with exotic dancers leads him to Angel. At first, he’s captivated by her beauty and sexual skills. When he breaks up with her after realizing that he could never truly love Angel and he’s better off not messing around with women like her, she doesn’t take the news well at all. Getting rid of Angel is almost as complicating as finding answers for the Farragut case. To make matters worse, he’s having a hard time getting over Nina and he’s developing feelings for his psychiatrist.

Initially, I wasn’t certain how I felt about Sleepless Nights. The story started in Gee’s POV, so I wasn’t sure if the book was about Drew or Gee. The whole highschool-nerd-becomes-sexy-and-finally-gets-the-popular-cheerleader made me roll my eyes. This is a romance scenario that can easily fall into cliche territory. However, author Norwood Holland handles their romance well by making Gee and Marie’s growing love strong and realistic. The story is well-written and well-researched.

If you love murder mysteries, detective stories, and hard-boiled fiction with a touch of romance, Sleepless Nights is definitely for you.