Rowling’s ‘The Tale of the Three Brothers’ Becomes a Short Film

From Mugglenet:three brothers

A group of students at the New England School of Communication in Maine are creating a short live-action film adapting J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Tale of the Three Brothers’ from The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Filming on the short has already begun, and by the looks of the production video from NESCom’s official page for the project, everyone on set is having a great time.

Producer Tim Reid reveals that when word got out about auditions for the film, he had inquiries from people all over the world who were interested in being a part of this unique project. In the end, only a few were selected to star in The Three Brothers, including a choice that may surprise many fans of the Harry Potter books and films – a nine-year old girl, Emma Campbell, in the role of Death. Apparently, the idea of casting someone so young in such an intimidating role was the idea of director Brandon Doyen. Reid says of Doyen’s decision:

He wanted to have someone who appeared to be sweet and innocent, which is part of the book, because Death isn’t necessarily the bad guy.


After you watch the video, head on over to the film’s production page for more pictures and updates on filming. You can read the original article here.