26 September, 2022

Ridiculous Ways Comic Book Characters Have Been Resurrected


When news broke that DC Comics planned to kill off Superman after a climactic battle with Doomsday in 1992, it made international headlines — despite the fact that DC always intended to bring him back. Superman’s death paved the way for the introduction of a series of proto-Supermen, including a teenaged clone called the Metropolis Kid, a cyborg called The Man of Tomorrow, and an armor-clad metalworker called The Man of Steel (later played by noted thespian Shaquille O’Neal in a 1997 film called Steel). After a brief tussle over which of the new heroes was the “true” new Superman, it was revealed that Superman was alive because his body had been placed in a machine/lazy plot device called a “regeneration matrix” at his Fortress of Solitude.

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Ways Comic Book Characters Have Been Resurrected

  1. Thanks for the link. I am a huge Batman fan, but have collected only Modern Age coicms (since about 1987 or so). It is interesting to see the old stories and compare them to where the current titles have taken the character.

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