24 September, 2022

Ridiculous Ways Comic Book Characters Have Been Resurrected

Robin (Jason Todd)JasonTodd

Though many comic book characters have come and gone, only Jason Todd — the second Boy Wonder to serve as Batman’s sidekick — has been killed off at the behest of fans. In 1988, DC Comics held a telephone poll asking fans whether or not Todd should be killed off, and by a margin of less than 100 votes, fans said yes. Todd’s brutal demise in 1988’s “A Death in the Family,” in which the Joker beat Todd with a crowbar and left him to die in an explosion, provided one of the most memorable moments in the history of Batman comics. But in 2005, when Superboy punched the universe so hard that it created shifts in the real world — an action that, perhaps not coincidentally, allowed writers to muck around with the comic’s continuity as much as they wanted — Todd was brought back to life, and has subsequently served as both supervillain and superhero.

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Ways Comic Book Characters Have Been Resurrected

  1. Thanks for the link. I am a huge Batman fan, but have collected only Modern Age coicms (since about 1987 or so). It is interesting to see the old stories and compare them to where the current titles have taken the character.

  2. Pic E is the cutest to me. A sniunntg photo of an absolutley gorgeous baby boy, this photo fills my heart with joy, what more can I say, this pic blows the others away! xox

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