Ridiculous Ways Comic Book Characters Have Been Resurrected

Jean GreyJean-Grey

The best arc in X-Men history saw fan-favorite Jean Grey (then called Marvel Girl) die twice — first, as she guided a spaceship containing the rest of the X-Men back to Earth, which exposed her to fatal levels of radiation but allowed her to be reborn as the exponentially more powerful “Phoenix”; and second in “Dark Phoenix,” when the immensity of her power corrupted her, causing her to destroy an entire galaxy and then disintegrate herself in a moment of remorse. It was a deft, moving story about the consequences of even the noblest person having too much power — so of course, it was retconned six years later, when it was revealed that “Phoenix” was a separate identity, and that the real Jean Grey had been healing in a protective cocoon on the ocean floor all along.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I am a huge Batman fan, but have collected only Modern Age coicms (since about 1987 or so). It is interesting to see the old stories and compare them to where the current titles have taken the character.

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