LitStack Recs: Realms of This Boy’s Life

Robin Hobbapprentice
The Realm of the Elderlings

Winter is upon us.  Here in Minnesota, the snow is falling and the world has pulled in on itself.  Time to snuggle up and read.

If you enjoy speculative fantasy, and you like immersing yourself in imaginative realms, you could keep yourself entertained all winter by entering into the Realm of the Elderlings, the world created from the mind of the great Robin Hobb.

From the lands of The Six Duchies in The Farseer Trilogy (“Assassin’s Apprentice”/”Royal Assassin”/”Assassin’s Quest”) and The Tawny Man Trilogy (“Fool’s Errand”/”The Golden Fool”/”Fool’s Fate”) to Bingtown, colony of Jamaillia in the Liveship Traders Trilogy (“Ship of Magic”/”Mad Ship”/”Ship of Destiny”) to the remote Rain Wilds in The Rain Wilds Chronicles (“Dragon Keeper”/”Dragon Haven”/”City of Dragons”/”Blood of Dragons”), Hobb has birthed a land full of fantastical creatures, vibrant environments and unforgettable characters that are familiar and yet fresh (Sailing ships that are sentient?  Settlements along a river that corrodes all organic life?  Political intrigue that includes the Forged: men and women who still live but are devoid of emotion or soul?  A rebirth of haughty dragons who cannot fly yet expect much from their keepers?  A nearly extinct race of advanced beings, reduced to legend and folklore but for the few that have been marked physically and heed the call of service of its ancient masters?)

Start with The Farseer Trilogy and you will have many hours of enjoyable reading ahead of you.  You might even not look up again until spring.

—Sharon Browning