In 1987, when Rob Reiner’s film debuted, despite the critical acclaim, it was only a modest box office success. But as any eighties film buff knows, the film adaptation of William Goldman’s novel has, as they say, legs. Twenty-six years later, the film has legions of fans old and new, and diehard devotees who can quote the script at length. Inconceivable? Given Goldman’s terrific script, the chance casting of virtual unknowns (who turned out to be perfect) and veteran actors (who were perfect too), it’s no wonder the film continues to be loved and watched and quoted.

Now, a memoir is in the works. Cary Elwes, who played the romantic lead of Westly/The Man in Black/Dread Pirate Roberts, recently revealed in an interview that he is at work on a memoir of his experience making the film, to be published by Simon and  Schuster. This should come as good news to his loyal and substantial fan base. The Princess Bride was not Elwes’ first film, but it is his best known, and should make for interesting reading.

Read the interview here.



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