He won’t be playing President Obama on “SNL” this year, but that doesn’t mean Fred Armisen won’t continue to delight us as a million other characters. In fact, we’re readying our petition to have Penny Marshall host “SNL” this year as we speak, if only so we can see Fred interview her as her.

Marshall’s memoir My Mother Was Nuts drops on September 18, and the trailer, featuring Mr. Armisen as Marshall, is a thing of beauty. If this doesn’t convince you to buy the trailblazing director’s book, we simply can’t help you.


One thought on “'Penny Marshall' In 'My Mother Was Nuts' Book Trailer”

  1. I’m listening to the audio version of the book and wow is Fred not doing a good Penny! She is pretty easy to imitate, maybe one of the female cast would have been better.

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