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“The Magical Peach Twins and Friends: The Legend of How the Peach Twins Saved Breakfast” is a children’s book project currently in development and looking for Kickstarter crowd source funding to complete the book. “The Magical Peach Twins” will be a modernized retelling of a Japanese folktale called Momotaro, or the Peach Boy. Written by a professional educator to inspire and motivate children to read. The book is designed to empower children by building their vocabulary, color recognition and the love of learning while making reading fun for both the children and parents.

“The Magical Peach Twins” is written by Dr. Michael Kurland, an education professional with over eight years experience in teaching, advising and consulting for universities and schools such as the University of Southern California and the University of California, Davis. He completed both his master’s and doctorate degrees in education at USC with a specialization in learning, motivation and efficiency.

Artist David Kurland, a professional painter, illustrator and animator with over decade of experience will illustrate the book. David previously worked on the Fox primetime animated series “King of the Hill.”

About the Kickstarter Campaign

Currently the Peach Twins Children’s Book Kickstarter campaign closes in seven days on then end of June 18th.  The Kurland brothers have successfully raised the $5,000 needed to complete the book, and are trying to raise an additional $5000 to create the book faster (March 2014) and to create an audio book to go along with the book.

If even more money is raised, the Kurland brothers will create a teacher’s resource guide, an educational DVD and even an animated cartoon!

Rewards for those who donate range from a copy of the e-book to the opportunity to be drawn as a character into the book or the ability to dedicate the book to one of your loved ones!  There will also be early bird special discounts on some rewards.

You can visit the Kickstarter page at, or visit our Facebook page at

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