Our Favorite TV Serials Based on Comics

God bless Joss Whedon. While we won’t say that his Avengers film single-handedly made comics as oliver_queen_in_arrow-widefilms/tv shows popular again, we can say that perhaps it certainly helped. There have many variations of comics on the big and small screen, but not all have been wonderful. One glimpse at the campiness of 60’s television is proof enough of that (Green Hornet/Batman). The beauty of living in an age with great advances in filming technology is that we can glimpse in live action what we imagined whilst reading comics and novels.  That is certainly true of the many and varied contemporary incarnations of some of our favorite comics. We’re especially impressed by the television shows based on comics that have emerged in the past few decades and even those that took a grittier approach to superheroes back in the day. Here are just a few of our favorites. Be sure to tell us about yours in the comments, LitStackers!