The Guardian is reporting that Precious novelist, Sapphire, spoke on the racism she experienced in the industry and the arts.  Despite her success and as an African-American artist, she nonetheless feels the “very real and very painful” effects of racism.

Speaking at the Edinburgh international book festival, Sapphire said that when Push – the novel that became the film Precious – was published, readers found it difficult to grasp that she, the author, was separate from its impoverished, abused, illiterate narrator.

“I remember when Push came out, there was shock when people saw me – they’d say: ‘You’re not 16, you’re not obese. We thought this was your life story.’

“It was as though they thought this was some illiterate teenager’s life story and I had spoken it into a tape recorder, and some white editor had written it.”

Check out the article here.

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