17 October, 2021

Nouns of Assemblage- Housefire Publishing

Various Authors
Housefire Publishing (207 pages)
ISBN-13: 978-1937395001

Nouns of Assemblage

If there was ever a slow period at work or a down time at home where nothing seemed to be on TV I would always suggest to anyone around that we should go on Wikipedia and look up the collective nouns for various animals. “It’s fun”, I’d say. Apparently, Housefire publishing also thought this was a good idea and took it a step further for their collection, Nouns of Assemblage. From the ominous Murder of crows to the hyperbolic Lamentation of swan to the oddly fitting Parliament of Owls, Housefire’s Nouns of Assemblage has a short story to go with it.

With this collection of over forty authors, Housefire has incidentally created a new noun of assemblage: A group of writers shall now and heretofore be known as a Housefire. Sound good? If this catches on I expect to get a free book or something in the mail. And if you’ll allow me to climb up on my supporter of short fiction soapbox for a minute, I’ll tell you that this is the perfect example of the power that short fiction has. Bringing together the biggest names in independent and web short fiction and poetry writers in a similarly themed collection, and it becomes a singular piece greater than the sum of its parts. Names like Ben Tanzer, xTx, J.Bradley, Frank Hinton, Crispin Best, just to name a few, and they still couldn’t find anyone to write a Gulp of Magpie. Why didn’t they call me?

Nouns of Assemblage is a smart, sharp, and fun read. From a Building of Rook to a Business of Flies and everything in between. Buy it, read it, share it with everyone. Excellent work.

Some highlights:

J.A. Tyler’s poetic, A Huddle of Penguin– “In these woods, where dreams turn forests to Antarctica.”

Frances E. Dinger’s A Cowardice of Cur– “After she was done being an old dog, she became a young woman.”

Ben Tanzer’s sexual coming of age A Dose of Crabs– “What I had to do to rid myself of them. How all this ties into being the kind of father I want to be.”

Crispin Best’s acrobatic Abomination of Platypus– “I want to be in the high parts of my flat. I got halfway up the bookcase and one of the shelves tipped over and down I went and lay there covered in books.”


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