Hugo-winner Neil Gaiman is asking for the help of his millions of fans for a Neil Gaiman, New Readingunique art project. Earlier this month Gaiman took to Twitter asking fans questions like “Why is January so Dangerous?” or “Where would you spend a perfect June?” The responses, according to Gaiman were:

Personal, honest, imaginative, glorious, surprising, strange, unexpected, familiar, magical, wise, funny… all of those things.”

The project is being produced in conjunction with B in the middle of BlackBerry. Gaiman said:

They showed me the phone in question, the Z10, for the first time in Autumn in the UK, I got to play with it, and I really liked it: the swiping the screen with your thumb ‘flow’ things felt really natural, and it’s the easiest onscreen keyboard to type with I’ve ever used. (I always hate onscreen keyboards and I do not hate this one. It is intelligent. I’ve used the first four of the five features NBC talk about here, and like them as much as they do.)  So they said yes to my idea of using online communities to try and make something cool and special that brought a lot of people together, and I said yes to working with their patronage on the project.

I’m going to make a Calendar of Tales. (Yes, I remain as obsessed with the months of the year as I have always been.) I would go to Twitter for story prompts. Then, over a handful of days, I’ll write a story, one for each month. Once there are 12 stories we’ll go back out to the world to get other people make art of various kinds using the stories as inspiration. One giant artistic ball of wax. Or ping pong game. Or cuddlepuddle. Or pick your own metaphor.

You download the stories here. Additionally, Gaiman is now taking submissions for artistic renderings of the project. For more information, check out the site here.

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