Neil Gaiman to Receive the James Joyce Award

Neil Gaiman James Joyce AwardHe’s won numerous awards:  Bram Stoker Awards, Hugo Awards, Nebula Awards, Locus Awards, British Fantasy Awards, a National Book Award, a Carnegie Medal, a World Fantasy Award, and numerous, numerous Eisner Awards, among many others.

Now he can add a James Joyce Award to his trophy case.  The James Joyce Award, also known as the Honorary Fellowship of the Society, is given by the Literary and Historical Society of the University College Dublin to those who have achieved outstanding success in their given field.  Past winners include actors such as Martin Freeman, Ralph Fiennes and Eddie Izzard; musicians such as Roger Daltry and Jack White; politicians such as Desmond Tutu, Jesse Jackson and John Hume; and others such as skateboarding pioneer Tony Hawk, theorist Noam Chomsky, and street photographer Brandon Stanton (of Humans of New York fame).  Oh, and writers.  Writers such as J. K. Rowling, Bill Bryson, Seamus Heaney.  It is the highest award that an Irish University society can give, named after one of the society’s most distinguished alumni, James Joyce, the author of Dubliners, Ulysses, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Finnegans Wake.

Today, Mr. Gaiman will receive the James Joyce Award from UCD Literary & Historical Society at the UCD Student Centre in Dublin, and will be addressing the society and its members.  Congratulations to Neil Gaiman, and thank you to the University College Dublin for bestowing such a wonderful honor!

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