22 October, 2021

Neil Gaiman Returns for Sandman

From The Huffington Post:Gaiman

PHILADELPHIA — The Sandman is returning to Vertigo comics under the influence of writer Neil Gaiman.

Shelly Bond, executive editor of the imprint of DC Entertainment, said Monday that Gaiman is working with artist J.H. Williams III to tell stories of Morpheus’ world before he was captured. Titled “The Sandman: Overture,” the new series will appear bi-monthly starting Oct. 30 in comic shops and digitally, too.

Gaiman last penned stories in the realm of the Endless more than a decade ago. His telling of Sandman has sold more than 7 million copies in nine languages by combining epic story with mythology in a comic medium.

DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson called the return to the “lush, evocative world” Gaiman created with Sandman “a literary event.”



Vertigo: http://www.vertigocomics.com/

2 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman Returns for Sandman

  1. I ,for one, would love to see a tv series on the sjebuct. I did visit the site you suggested but it doesn’t imply a nailed down situation on it yet. I guess we will just have to cross our fingers and wait.

  2. That was what I thought, too (i.e. Neil Gaiman was aultacly dead), and the long title of the post did not deterred me from believing so. I had to read the whole post to make things clear

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