27 September, 2022

Men of the Stacks: Male Librarians Pose for Charity

Megan - November

Sexy librarians get a gender-swap, and we are not complaining. Call us hypocrites if you’d like, but the editors here had a healthy (and shameless) swoonfest when we discovered the Men of the Stacks, a 2012 calendar of hot men who love books as much as we do. And to make it all a bit more vapors-inducing, these guys  are posing for charity–all proceeds from the Men of the Stacks calendar sales go to the It Gets Better Project, a foundation created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years.

(Clicking an image will open a larger version. For research, or something.)

Breathy sighs and jokes aside, the calendar serves to inform the public about the face of librarians. From the site:

We know what people think: Dewey, glasses, shushing, books, hairbuns, Party Girl and card catalogs. Yes, we know what people think. We know that the American, library profession is approximately 80% White and 72% female; and we know that tens of thousands of librarians are expected to reach age 65 in the next 5 years. We also know that this is not us.

The men featured here are librarians, yes. And they’re pretty awesome, that’s true. But there’s more to them then carefully placed books and aprons over bare chests, you know. These guys are educators, programmers, project managers, entrepreneurs, program coordinators, contractors, consultants, and speakers. They’re twenty, thirty and forty. They’re diverse, and not at all the old gray-haired women people imagine sorting the stacks. Von, aka Mr. June, sums it up rather eloquently:

“We can’t just leave it to others to tell the people who we are; that’s why the stereotypes about librarians continue to flourish.  We have to be the ones to go out there and tell people who we are. It’s not enough to complain about inaccurate images of librarians; we must be able to present alternative, positive images in movies, books and, yes, blogs.” — Filipino Librarian

Our suggestion? Go buy all the calendars. All of them.

Zack - January

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