Meat is All
Andrew Borgstrom
NEPHEW- an imprint of Mudluscious Press


The life of a scout is about the pursuit of individual accomplishment, shrouded in the brown shorts and sash of conformity. Much like a soldier, the only way for a scout to stand apart from his peers is through his merit badges. A badge for fishing, for sewing, helping old ladies cross the street, etc.  The voices of the scouts in Borgstrom’s cyclonic novella speak all at once and individually as their words swirl around the campfire taking well known ‘truths’ and spinning them into brutal wisdoms. The book is about remembering and it’s about meat. Everything is meat. Flesh is meat. People are meat, lies are meat; truth is meat.

This is the type of prose that reads like poetry and the whole book itself becomes a piece of art. Nephew’s titles are smaller, almost pocket sized, but the words within them are hearty, meaty if you will. Each line you read stays with you and you feel that the very act of reading the novella makes you a part of the prose, part of the action.

Meat is All sends your mind on a camping trip. Words and phrases that may seem safe and innocuous when read indoors or in the light of day suddenly take new shape and are given new dangers under night’s shadow. Borgstrom is the author of six chapbooks and this is his first novella. It’s an ambitious work, both emotionally and creatively. A thoroughly enjoyable work from a young, up and coming independent writer.

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