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Random House has made some big changes to the contracts it offers for its e-book imprints Hydra and Alibi.

They’ll let you have the standard model, with an advance and royalties. But also, their advance-free model now specifies that Random House will cover the costs for e-book editions (and if there’s a print edition, the author still splits some costs.) And it’s somewhat easier to get the rights to your book back.

Writes Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware:

Overall, I think this represents a significant improvement. I was impressed with Allison’s openness to discussion, and with what seemed to me like a sincere commitment to responding to criticism and making the digital imprints’ contracts more author-friendly.

No word yet on a response from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, but apparently they’re aware of the change.


One thought on “Major Changes Coming to e-book Imprints Hydra and Alibi”

  1. They are still making authors pay if there is a print edition. That STILL makes them a vanity press. Better, but still not legit as a traditional publisher. I’m still so shocked that they did this.

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