Back in 2003, Stephen King, while speaking at Yale, said that there is a magic moment that occurs for writers when they’re in the midst of reading a book, invested, perhaps, and said writer thinks, “Wow. This sucks. I can write better than this.”

It happens, and sometimes when it does, it becomes impossible to finish reading. There are simply some books, even some series, that fail to keep our interests, that lack in the essential elements of “do please try to avoid boring me.”

This week our staff pick concerns those novels and series that we just couldn’t finish. What about you, LitStackers? Is there a book or series you just couldn’t bring yourself to finishing? We want to hear from you!

One thought on “LitStaff Picks: The Books or Series We Just Couldn't Finish”

  1. The News Trilogy, I believe it's called, by Mira Grant. The first book in the series, FEED was very, very good. For ages, I walked around amazed at how much I was effected by what happened with the characters. This was October 2010. Then, a few months ago, I got my hands on the sequel, DEADLINE, ready to be taken to the next level – and… that just didn't happen. The characters were incredibly unlikable, and I don't know what happened between this book and the first one, but I don't remember the writing being so poor! I got about 100 some odd pages in (maybe a bit more) before I just took it back to the library. I was so profoundly disappointed!

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