Marcovaldo: or Seasons in the City  — Italo Calvino

Calvino is primarily known for his books within a book masterpiece, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, and rightly so, Calvino also penned numerous books of short stories. Marcovaldo doesn’t have the literary vision or groundbreaking qualities of If on a Winter’s Night but what it does have is 20 tremendously entertaining short vignettes, all following the exploits and misadventures of Marcovaldo.

He’s a dreamer and a schemer and seems to have the worst luck but you root for him the whole way through. Discovering a secret stash of wild mushrooms, trying to nap on a city bench, catching a fish or adopting a rabbit — the outcomes are never quite what Marcovaldo hopes for. I found this book while shopping for a friend and had finished most of the book inside the store and the rest on bus ride home. Excellent.
~Jason Lee Norman

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