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Pride and Prejudice

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s too cold and wet to be outside, yet not cold enough for the romanticism of snow. It’s what I call the Long Cold Dark here in British Columbia, and there are so many months left to endure. But luckily for me, there once was a girl with a clever imagination who wrote stories that I have only as of late discovered. (Don’t judge.) To brighten this Long Cold Dark, Miss Jane Austen has, to borrow from her most beloved male lead, “bewitched me, body and soul.”
As such, if I could choose a family upon which to insinuate myself so that I could relive this life and be molded and shaped by their charm, it would be the Bennets. What a lively group. I would hope to align myself with my older sisters, Jane and Elizabeth, as their shared confidence is enviable. Oh to have such a close sister. Mary is perfectly plain but clearly capable of wide-ranging, engaging discussion — she could likely teach me much — while Lydia and Catherine (Kitty) seem silly and unschooled. It would be hypocritical for me to think so, however — I was Lydia and Kitty, boy crazy, obsessed with the opposite sex. (And look where that got me. Four kids later … I jest. My kids are sweet, lovely demons.)
Mr. Bennet is perfectly fantastic, and though my imagining of him is colored by the fact that I have watched Joe Wright’s 2005 cinematic interpretation about 46 times in the last month (remember: Long Cold Dark), if I could choose my papa, it would be him — or rather, Donald Sutherland. (I always did have a soft spot for that man.) Mrs. Bennet, loving and devoted, is also animated and a little excitable, but she’s a mother. I’d expect no less.
I’d be honored to darken the halls of Longbourn, despite the fact that my skills on the pianoforte are nil. (Added bonus: They have a cook! Surely a match made in heaven for culinary-challenged me. Who needs $10,000 a year when you’ve got a cook? Oh, wait. Is that $10,000 a year attached to Mr. Darcy? Then my dear sister Elizabeth, it’s on, girl.)
~Jennifer Sommersby

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