LitStaff Picks: Our Favorite Fictional Families

The Weasleys, Harry PotterThe-Weasleys-harry-potter-13682332-800-532

From the first glimpse of The Burrow, I knew I would love the entire Weasley family. It felt so familiar. While I did not grow up with a flock of brothers (I only have one), I did grow up with hand-me-downs and homemade sweaters, a farm in the country, and a shed full of unfinished projects courtesy of my father. Money was often scarce, but love was abundant.

To me, the Weasley clan exudes the feeling of family, and of home. I could absolutely see myself curled up on the couch, surrounded by quarreling brothers, or trying to find a quiet corner in which to read, or helping Molly in the kitchen.

The Weasleys may not have been wealthy, but they were connected, welcoming, and loving, which I believe is the true measure of a family. Besides, who wouldn’t want a little magic in their lives?
~Elisha Dew


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