8 December, 2021

LitStaff Picks: Our Favorite Fictional BFFs

Legolas and Gimli
The Lord of the Ringsroser_gimli_legolas

The Lord of the Rings trilogy presents us with a number of friends, from the cross-the-fires-of-Mordor-for-you friendship of Frodo and Sam to the rollicking, good-natured antics of Merry and Pippin. The friendship that strikes me from that legendary series, however, is that of Legolas and Gimli.

There is, of course, the friendly competition between them to sprinkle a bit of comic relief into the otherwise somber story, and their competition is what defines them, in a way. Their friendship is special because they have pitted themselves against one another, because they are so different, because they are not supposed to be friends, because they don’t want to be friends, and yet, their fellowship happens anyway, undeniable. They prove to each other not only their worth as individuals, but the worth of their entire race. In the end, they are willing to leave the lands that they know and love in order to stay with their friend.
You couldn’t ask for a truer friend than that.
-Elisha Dew

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