21 October, 2021

LitStaff Picks: Our Favorite Characters Who Never Gave Up

The Odyssey

Homer’s Penelope is one of the most iconic women in ancient literature. As the wife of warrior-king Odysseus, she had the burden of raising his son, protecting his throne, and File:Francesco Primaticcio 002.jpgkeeping herself from being traded for the kingdom’s stability. An equal to Odysseus in intellect and determination, she managed to outsmart every wannabe suitor within the realm.  In spite of her husband’s twenty year absence, Penelope never doubted Odysseus would return. Her unwavering confidence and unsurpassed cunning kept the grasping suitors away from his throne and out of her bed. Her strength and perseverance remain unrivaled by any heroine in literature today and secure her top honors in the never-lose-hope category.

~ Vickie Price Taylor

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