7 December, 2022

We’ve all heard it before: “Books are always better than the films they’re based on.” The book vs film debate is likely never to be resolved. From the British Vivien Leigh taking on the role of the very southern Scarlett O’Hara to Will Smith portraying a completely different version of Robert Neville in I Am Legend, bibliophiles tend to prefer books to films. But sometimes, every once in awhile, Hollywood gets it right. Today we’re chatting about the best film adaptations based on some of our favorite books.

What do you think, LitStackers? Did we get it right? We want to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Film Adaptations

  1. The husband says Harry Potter #5.

    This isn't a movie, but Wicked (the musical) is significantly better than Wicked (the book).

    1. Had I had even the smallest amount of free time this week, I would have participated in this post with "Deathly Hallows Part2." Perhaps it's geeky and a bit dorky to say, but I consider that movie to the one of the best I've ever seen and certainly the best movie I've seen in ten years. It was very true to the novel.

  2. just love everyone's picks…. several movies I really want to see now (Titus Andronicus, for one!)

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