The weather outside is indeed frightful…and when the temperatures are frigid and the chaos of the holidays beg a break, the staff of our little site makes an effort to return to the books and authors that never fail to give us the ‘warm fuzzies.’  These are the classics that help us escape, that offer a break from the weather and the obligations this time of year seems to demand. What about you, LitStackers? What books or authors help you escape the cold and warm your soul? We want to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: BooksThat Warm the Soul”

  1. Gawd, there are so many. I read a lot of authors who are relatively "unknown" -just getting their start, for I like to support friends and colleagues and those with small presses, etc. However, I did just finish Elizabeth Berg's latest – she's one of my "regulars." Happy New Year to LitStack!

  2. Every time I come to LitStack, I'm introduced to new authors. I've added a number of these books to my Must Read list and will be checking availability at my local library as soon as they are back on regular hours! Thank you, LitStack!

  3. Best book of 2011 that I read was Adam Hochschild's brilliant and heartbreaking TO END ALL WARS about the insanity of World War I and the brave Brits who refused to fight and went to jail for it,

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